Rules of the Game

Getting warmed up

It is recommended that your team’s administrator inputs the name of each individual player and the sales targets for each player before the start of each month. Then it’s time to start playing the game.



Running on

To log into the system, simply type in your username and password. If you want the system to remember you, select the ‘Remember me’ box so you’ll always be automatically logged in each time.


Forgot your password?

If you forget your password at anytime, use the ‘Forgot password’ button and follow the instructions.


Knowing your way around the field

It’s important to know your way around so you can quickly and easily update your figures and see how you’re going. There are 6 key areas you need to know to play the game. These include:

Date selector

In the main header, you’ll find the date selector. This field lets you select the date you’re looking for.

Sales dashboard

As soon as you log in, you’ll be taken to your own sales dashboard. This shows your performance as well as your total team effort for the month. In the top left, you can see your performance on any selected day, month and year. On the top right, you can track your sales performance against budget. The bottom left displays your orders for the month. Here, you can also edit sales details by double-clicking on a sale and clicking ‘Update’. You can also delete any sales by clicking on the red x. You add new sales in the bottom-right corner.


Quotes dashboard

Of course, a lot happens before scoring that long-awaited and anticipated goal. That’s why SalesChamp allows you to enter in the details of each quote you submit – the date, customer name, category and the amount.

Winning Tip: Analyse quotes versus sales to focus on performing markets.

2.6_Analysis 2.3_Quotes_Dashboard

Sales calls

In any game, the statistics are also important. SalesChamp asks you to record the many sales calls (personal and face-to-face) you make to prospective customers. Graphs at the bottom of the screen show your call totals versus your targets to keep the momentum going when you’re tiring.

Winning Tip: Why not view all four dashboards at once?


Orders ‘out the door’ and completed will also be tracked and recorded in SalesChamp.

Winning Tip: Track dispatch against set budgets.


Scoreboard Is where all your hard work is on show. Here you can gauge your ‘fitness’ against the rest of the sales team on any given day, in a month and over a year. The scoreboard awards gold, silver and bronze to players and you can see your position on the leaderboard.

On the different scoreboards, players are ranked:

  • On actual sales figures against their budgets
  • On the value and number of quotes prepared
  • On a percentage of calls versus targets.



This area measures the overall team’s sales and quoting efforts.




When playing, it’s also important to remember the system is refreshed every 30 seconds. This allows you to keep an eye on your entire team’s performance while you’re focusing on kicking your own goals!



If you have questions at anytime, there are plenty of coaches on the bench that can assist you. Your team will be supplied with an easy to use step-by-step manual. This will be backed by online support and frequently asked questions and forum located here.