Maximising Team Performance

It’s important that you and your team are focussed on and off-the-field.

Here’s how you can maximise your team’s performance and use of SalesChamp:

Discussion, tactics and strategies

  • Set aside a time each week to discuss progress, goals as well as previous success.
  • Share your tactics and strategies, as well as proven approaches and learnings in regards to certain product or customer types.
  • When developing your tactics and strategies – think about the 101 of sales strategies … those new customers you want to acquire (acquisition), those current customers that you want to grow by selling more or different types of products to (growth), your loyal customers that are already spending big and frequently (retention), as well as those you may not have spoken to for a while (winback).

Target quality

  • Don’t just make it all about numbers (ie number of sales calls / number of quotes) as this will drive the wrong behaviour.  Of course, you don’t want to be perceived as wasting a customer’s time or making a nuisance of yourself. Make sure its quality not just quantity in terms of well-qualified leads, and well-planned and well-researched sales calls and presentations. This will lead to the ultimate in terms of sales!

Foster friendly competition

  • Celebrate, reward and recognise both individual and team successes. Be sure to turn your computer speakers up loud to hear the bell ring upon a sale and to bring ‘your crowd’ to a standing applause!
  • You might decide to place your leaderboard or honours list ‘in lights’ somewhere else in the office not just on-screen. This will foster friendly competition and pride, and becoming a SalesChamp will remain top-of-mind amongst all players.

Make SalesChamp second nature

  • Make SalesChamp a normal part of your day. This way, it will become second nature, and exceptionally quick and easy. You can do this by remaining logged-in using the ‘Remember me’ button. Be sure to input details in real-time when it’s fresh in your mind. It will take next to no time! SalesChamp automatically updates inputted values every 30 seconds so your whole team can keep track of how well you’re doing.