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    In an effort to keep our community forums clean and open we have had to place the following rules for what user can and cannot do while in our forums.


    Any content that is deemed to be insulting, defamatory, inflamatory or predjudice will be removed without notice. This website is kept family-friendly, and we will enforce this where ever possible.


    This forum is for discussion of SalesChamp, it’s uses, operations, upgrades, and issues. While we will allow some discussion about sales techniques, any topics that are not in keeping with the SalesChamp system will be removed without warning.


    We allow links in forum posts that link to usefull resources and relevant information. Any links that are off-tiopic or irrelevant to the converstaion will be removed by an administrator.


    We do not allow signatures in this forum. Signatures only create clutter, dilute the information that’s available, and are generally only used for self-promotion. Any sort of signature that’s found will be removed without warning. continued use of signatures will result in your account being banned from the system.


    We allow comments and converstations on any topic that’s relevant to SalesChamp, your sales process, and any marketing ideas that you want to share. Any conversations that are off-topic, or irrelevant to SalesChamp will be deleted by an administrator.

    Warnings and Bans

    Any users that use these forums for self-advertisement only, who link to off-topic, irrelevant or offensive websites or content will be either warned or banned depending on the level of severity. Any warnings or bans are at the discression of SalesChamp representatives and no discussion or reasons will be given.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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